Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recreational Sport Flying

What is Recreational Sport Flying? Recreational Sport Flying is normally considered non-conventional general aviation flying – in other words, for recreational purposes rather than traditional transportation purposes. It focuses on recreational sport flyers who utilize airplane SLSA for recreational powersports fun and adventure. Flight plans are usually not needed, and cross-country trips are typically infrequent. In fact, flying under the radar might be considered the "Norm."

Sport pilots take-off, go fly, land, and do it all over again – enjoying the purest and simplest form of recreational flying fun – for example:

• Flying around an ocean shoreline, a lake, or airport or airpark

• Flying airport-to-airport or airpark-to-airport for a bite to eat

• Flying to a remote or backcountry landing spot and enjoying an afternoon picnic

• Shooting landings on land or water

• Taking in the sights

• Flying in formation

• Flying to recreational sport aviation events (i.e. AirVenture, Sun ‘n Fun, etc.)

• Exploring remote or backcountry locations or airstrips – satisfying the adventurer spirit

• Camping with your airplane (i.e. fishing, hiking, etc.)

• Doing fly-ins and fly-outs

• Engaging in short “air rover” flights just for fun – while building proficiency and flight time

• Simply enjoying the freedom and adventure of Recreational Sport Flying

One unique feature of Recreational Sport Flying is the ability for rugged airplane SLSA to land and take-off from remote or backcountry locations or airstrips that would otherwise be off-limits to high-end luxury models. STOL SLSA or rugged Light Sport Utility airplanes provide the capability to land on short airstrips or natural terrain, as well as execute short take-offs and landings requiring steep ascents or descents over obstacles like trees or hills. These airplanes are literally like quads or jeeps that fly! Now how cool is that?

Recreational Sport Flying is truly the recreational powersports alternative. Become a Sport Pilot and fulfill that burning desire for freedom and adventure like no other!

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